Fall Magic Aster and Goldenrod Six-Pack


This Fall Magic Sixer brings together Solidago nemoralis (Prairie Goldenrod) and Aster novi-belgii (New York Aster), native wildflowers that are an essential food source for migrating Monarchs and considered Keystone Species for the sheer number of species they support as host plants.  Plus, the purple and gold combo is a welcome addition to any fall wildlife garden.

The six-pack comes with 3 of each species – healthy deep-rooted landscape plugs, which are an excellent, economical option typically not available for retail.

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When people come together to improve their communities, powerful things happen.

We’re still riding high on the community vibe of that day, and decided to do another six-pack native plant sale with proceeds benefiting the Collingswood Monarch Project.

This Fall Magic Six-Pack is an incredible addition to any garden, bringing together two essential food sources for migrating Monarchs. Perhaps even more importantly, they are Keystone Species, meaning they have been identified as native wildflowers that provide the maximum amount of wildlife value.

The pack comes with 3 of each species, in landscape plug, an excellent, economical option that typically cannot be bought retail.

Solidago nemoralis, aka Prairie Goldenrod or Gray Goldenrod

A compact variety of Goldenrod, reaching a maximum of about 2’ in height. It can bloom from June all the way through October.

It’s extremely adaptable, happy in sun to part shade, and in clay soil. Read more on JerseyYards.org.

Aster novi-belgii aka Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (new name) aka New York Aster

One of the most exciting plants in any garden. It bursts onto the scene late in the summer and into fall with deep purple blooms that stand out, particularly when paired with yellows and native grasses.

Combine it with the goldenrod, as it’s similarly happy in sun to part-shade conditions and clay soil. It likes wet soil, but in or own garden, dry conditions have never held it back. It grows a bit shorter, maybe, to about 3 feet when it could reach 4 in other soil. Read more about this species, now called Symphyotricum Novi-Belgii, on JerseyYards.org.


Free local delivery to Collingswood residents the weekend of September 25-26.

Pickup available the weekend of September 25 for non-residents.

Fundraiser Logistics

Proceeds will go to the Collingswood Monarch Project. The mission of the Collingswood Monarch Project is to spread awareness of the importance and decline of Monarch butterflies and other pollinators, and to make it easier to grow Monarch Waystations that support the full lifecycle of these wondrous creatures.